2011...Acknowledge your achievements...

22 Dec 2011 5:47 PM - ...and set some new goals...

As 2011 draws to a close I want to take a moment to reflect on the year. 

In the clinic, we have had a good year.  We have welcomed many new clients and continued to serve our longstanding clients.  I want to acknowledge all of the LaVida naturopathy clients.  You have worked hard to improve your health.  You have listened to my dietary and lifestyle advice and we have negotiated sustainable improvements in habits.  This is a work-in-progress.  You have taken my herbal and nutritional medicines (not always palatable) with conviction and you have experienced the benefits. 

Sometimes, the road to better health is bumpy but I encourage you to stay focused on your goals, ask questions frequently and learn to listen to your body's "language", the signs and symptoms.  If you pay attention you will discover a great deal about what your body is trying to tell you.  Be patient and kind to yourself.  Don't forget to look back occassionally and remind yourself how far you have come.  Sometimes we forget to do this in our impatience to get to the end goal. 

I also want to acknowledge Eri, our resident myotherapist.  Eri has been working her myotherapy magic on her clients throughout the year.  She treats our injuries, stiff backs and shoulders and more.  She keeps us mobile, flexible and pain-free. 

Also, Jasmine, our NLP and coaching practitioner.  She joined our team in September.  She has been helping clients to change ingrained behaviours and habits with great success. 

And so we look forward to 2012.  New Year's resolutions might be a bit cliched but with some time off over Christmas it is a perfect time to reflect on your achievements (and those things which might have gone better) and set some new goals.  In the clinic, we have a number of new initiatives in the pipeline, all with a view to improving our clients' experience. 

For my clients, I often encourage them to revisit their health goals.  How do they want to feel from a health perspective at the end of the year?  We can then map out some strategies to help them achieve those goals.  Maybe they are to do with sleep habits, weight management, exercise, stress management, pain and discomfort, better eating, improved immunity or something else.  It's important to remember... it is never too late and no step is too small.

So, thanks again to all my clients.  I love being on your team. 

Enjoy the festive season.  Stay safe, indulge (in moderation} and plan some rest, relaxation and exercise. 

To all my future clients, the same applies and I look forward to helping you achieve better health when the time is right. 

In good health,


Kaye Wright