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7 smart tips to prevent premature aging

16 Apr 2015 1:50 PM - Naturopaths focus on "healthspan" not just lifespan

Have you ever stopped to consider what sort of "old age" you want?

You might have plans for your retirement such as holidays and hobbies and you hopefully have a savings/superannuation plan in place to provide for those.  But what about your health?  What are you doing about your health NOW to provide for good health later?  Are you taking preventative action or are you just going to "hope for the best"?

As a naturopath, one focus of my practice is preventing illness.

Maybe you know someone who has lived to a ripe old age but their quality of life perhaps wasn’t so great (for far too long).  Perhaps it’s just me, but I want to be as healthy as I can be for as long as possible and then a quick decline until it’s “all over red rover”. Long, lingering declines do not look all that appealing.

What interests me as your naturopath is "healthspan" not just lifespan.

Current Australian life expectancy is around 79 for men and 84 for women. 

For some of us, those years are not that far away (scary thought). Given our enthusiasm for remaining youthful, there is an enormous and growing body of research into what causes health to decline with age. 

Theories include:

  • accumulation of waste products/toxins

  • damage to DNA resulting in loss of ability to generate new cells

  • oxidative and inflammatory damage to tissue

  • decline in immune function

  • increasing hormone imbalance

The big diseases of aging include:

  • type 2 diabetes

  • cancer

  • cardiovascular disease

  • osteoarthritis

  • Alzheimer's disease

All of these illnesses can be linked back in some way to one or more of these health factors.

So, your ability to enjoy a long healthspan may depend on your body's ability to defend from pathogens, detoxify and remove waste products and repair damaged tissue.

Simple and smart things you can do to improve your capacity for healthy aging

  1. maintain a healthy weight

  2. eat a healthy diet

  3. stay active

  4. have good coping mechanisms for stress

  5. maintain good sleep patterns

  6. fuel the body's detoxification pathways (liver, kidneys, lungs, skin)

  7. support your immune system

And of course it goes without saying, that smoking is not good for you and nor is alcohol (unless in moderation...and I mean moderation).

If you want to have a healthy retirement take stock of your health now.  It's never too late or too early to review where your health is at. 


Don't know where to start? That's where I can help you work through the maze. Make a naturopathic appointment by calling me on 03 9620 9503 or contact us by email.


Act now for a healthy old age and the best part is, you don't have to wait for a payout in your retirement. You get to feel the benefits right now!

Yours in good health,

Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD

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