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9 quick and easy ways to check in with your health

26 Oct 2012 4:50 PM - Are you physically "wealthy"?

Do you check in with your body to assess and monitor your health?

I do. As a naturopath, once I have rectified the underlying issues which brought my clients to me in the first place, I focus my attention to monitoring their overall health and wellness on a periodic basis.  This is what I call your physical wealth.

Many of us put a lot of time, money and effort into our financial wealth but overlook the importance of our physical wealth.  So you might budget, have a savings plan, cancel the credit cards or have investments which you diligently monitor on a regular basis BUT do you check in with your body to assess and monitor its performance? 

Did you know you can tell if your are physically "wealthy" by reading your body's "bank statements" in relation to immunity, sleep, energy, fitness, mood and resilience (just for starters).

In my opinion, there is not much point in having financial wealth if you don't have the physical wealth to really enjoy it.

So,  what simple things can you do to "audit" your physical wealth (I mean health).....

  • Check your sleep you get enough sleep or are you running on sleep debt?  Do you have difficulty sleeping?  Do you wake up tired?

  • Immunity...does your immune system have enough in the tank to ward off infections or do you succumb to every bug that is going around?  When you do get sick, do you recover easily and well or is it a real struggle?

  • you have enough energy to get you comfortably through the day, doing everything you would like to do?  Do you need to take naps (if you can)?  Do you get to the end of the day or week and just collapse onto the couch?  Do you need to start your day with caffeine?

  • you avoid exercise because you don't feel fit enough to do it?  Do you get puffed just thinking about walking up a flight of stairs?

  • Mood...Are you happy generally?  Are you satisfied with how your life is going?  Do you have enough resilience in the "account" to cope with life's hiccups or do you get upset, depressed or anxious.  Do you use (need?) alcohol to help you relax?

  • you frequently suffer from digestive issues like pain or bloating or do you avoid certain foods because they don't agree with you?  Could you be more "regular"? Do you experience loose stools on a regular basis?

  • Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.  Do you look healthy?  Skin, hair, nails, bright eyes etc?

  • If you are a menstruating female, is your cycle regular, do you experience pain, PMS or heavy bleeding?

  • Are your numbers ok?  i.e. blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, body composition, waist measurement.  When was the last time you had them checked.

So, you have done your review of your health did you go?  Are there some signs there that maybe your physical wealth needs a bit of attention? 

Just like your financial wealth, there is a lot you can do yourself (and you'll find heaps of tips on this website) but if you really want the best outcome it is worth investing in professional advice to identify where you could make some changes and help you with a plan of action.

A naturopath who takes the time to get to know you and who can develop a tailored, workable plan to optimise your physical wealth can be a real asset and a valuable member of your trusted team of advisors.

Think about it...physical wealth (+ financial wealth) = more choices for life.

If you need help to get your physical health (wealth) under control, make a naturopathic appointment today.  Call me on 9620 9503.

Yours in good health,

Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD


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