Asthma and burgers...a link?

13 Aug 2010 1:08 PM - Study in children shows possible link

 A recent study published in Thorax medical journal has looked at possible links between diet and prevalence of asthma in children.  The study looked at the diets of 50,004 children aged 8-12 from 20 countries.

The study reported that children with a diet higher in fruit, vegetables and fish had lower prevalance of asthma while those who ate more burgers were more likely to suffer from asthma. 

Interesting.....why might this be? Is it the red meat or is it related to preservatives and additives in manufactured burgers? 

This is another study which supports the enjoyment of a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and seafood along the lines of the "Mediterranean Diet".  But if you love burgers, the best ones will be those made at home, without additives and accompanied by lots of salad vegetables on a wholegrain bun (and minimal fries).

Food for thought...

Kaye Wright


Thorax, Jun 2010;65:516-522, Nagel G et al