Dance until it rains...

25 Oct 2011 5:38 PM - Life lessons from my mother...a book by Andrew Jobling

I recently read this lovely book and recommend it to you. 

The title of the book reflects the message that if you really want something you just have to keep to your plan until you achieve it....if you are doing a rain dance...don't stop until it rains!  It's all about being persistent in moving towards your goal and not giving up.  This is so true, whether it be a health, career, relationship or other goal. 

The book is part moving tribute to Andrew's mother and part guide to achieving what you want out of life.  It's the sort of book you could easily read in one sitting or you can take a chapter at a time.  Each chapter concludes with a "lesson" that you can take on board and incorporate into your life. 

Dance until it rains is a very personal account which makes the messages very easy to relate to.  It's a delightful and thought provoking book. 

In good health,


Kaye Wright