Do you want to feel and look healthier at the end of the year than you do now?

28 Feb 2012 11:41 AM - It's never too late to take care of your health

So, it's the end of February.  The holidays are a distant memory and there is even a hint of autumn colour in the trees. 

Did you make any New Years' Resolutions?  How are they going?  If your answer is "not so good" then you are not alone. 

The question now is:

 What would you like to change about your health this year?

 Maybe it is one of the following:

  • Achieve a healthier weight
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Improve your sleep
  • Boost your energy 
  • Regain your libido
  • Learn how to eat in a healthier way
  • Prepare your body for conception
  • Deal with annoying menstrual or hormonal issues
  • Improve your digestion
  • Beat those hot flushes
  • Rediscover the happier and calmer you
  • Maximise your sporting performance 

I believe it is never to late to make changes (however small they might seem at the time) that can have profound and long term benefits to your health. 

As well as addressing current symptoms, naturopathy is wonderful for preventative treatment as we place a great deal of emphasis on your eating plan and lifestyle.  Many of the chronic illnesses we hear so much about eg diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression and more, are exacerbated by our diets and daily routines.  I believe even small changes can make a difference to your ongoing health. 

So, it's never to late to start and don't be concerned that you'll have to make radical changes.  I promise you won't.  If you are wondering what you can do to improve your health as it is now and into the future then book in for a naturopathic consultatation today.  I'll develop a personal plan just for you and work with you so that are feeling and looking healthier by the end of 2012.  How great would that be? 

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In good health,


Kaye Wright