Gawler Foundation Annual Conference November 2010

15 Nov 2010 2:51 PM - Inspiring and rewarding...

I have just spent a rainy Saturday at the Gawler Foundation Conference listening to an excellent range of speakers talk on topics including the benefits of exercise, integrated medicine and the value of complementary therapies in the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. 

I think this is the third or fourth Gawler conference that I have attended and I always get something from them, both as a naturopath and as a cancer survivor. 

It is wonderful to see how complementary medicines are slowly gaining more acceptance in the "mainstream" fraternity and their value is becoming more and more recognised. 

Among others we heard from Professor Ian Olver, CEO of the Cancer Council and Professor Kerryn Phelps, President of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association. 

As a health care practitioner, it is invaluable for me to hear the many stories and concerns of those dealing with serious illness and as a cancer survivor it is a good opportunity for me to reflect on where I have been.  

There were also some great reminders about the importance of encouraging self-care and taking an active involvement in maintaining one's health. Empowering my clients is one of my goals.

In good health,

Kaye Wright