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Guide to Summer Fruit and Vegetables

6 Dec 2012 5:54 PM - Eating with the seasons....
Summer smoothie with seasonal berries

I recently wrote about the benefits of eating with the seasons.  Whilst it is convenient to have access to our favorite foods all year round, I do think there is something special about looking forward to the seasons. 

So, this summer, think about the following fruit and vegetables: 

  • Williams pears (I especially love them firm with rocket, parmesan and walnuts)

  • Apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums (ever had a plum daiquiri?)

  • Cherries (as is or poached)

  • Grapes (try freezing them)

  • Berries (eg a summer berry fruit salad or sorbet)

  • Passionfruit (with yoghurt)

  • Bananas (on your muesli)

  • Mangoes  (try them in a smoothie)

  • Melons (perfect dessert on a hot day)

  • Figs (on a cheese platter)

  • Avocados (so many options)

  • Cucumber (try them as an appetiser topped with avocado or salmon dip) 

  • Capsicums (perfect with dip)

  • Celery (try it with nut butter)

  • Eggplants (barbequed)

  • Tomatoes (so versatile)

  • Radishes (pickled or grated in a salad)

  • Red onions (in a Greek salad) 

No doubt you can think of dozens of other ways to have these wonderful fruits and vegetables.  Please feel free to add your favorites in the comments below and use the ideas above to get inspired and enjoy eating with the seasons. 

In good (summer) health,



Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD

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