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Healthy Christmas gift ideas...

30 Nov 2012 3:38 PM - No more perfume or novelty socks please!

Christmas shopping!  Coming up with the perfect gift idea!  It is a combination of stress (trying to think what to buy for someone) and pleasure (when you figure it out).

When my mother passed away I had the task of cleaning out and packing up my family home...55 years of accumulated "stuff" and "things" in amongst the precious mementos. 

I tell you, having a massive garage sale and sending off a truck load (literally) of things to the local charity shop makes you very aware of how we acquire so many things in our lives that we don't really need/use. 

And it would be fair to say I was part of the problem (there were a lot of birthday, Christmas, mother's day and father's day presents in amongst it all)

Since that time I have really tried to give presents that will contribute to the receiver's physical or emotional wellbeing and not just clog up their cupboards and shelves).  

So, if you would like to give something that might make a difference to someone's life or be the start of a health and wellbeing makeover consider the following ideas: 

  • Cooking lessons (for healthy cooking) - a great way to develop skills which will benefit their health forever

  • A healthy recipe book (some that I like include Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr, Feel Good Food by Tony Chiodo or any of Janella Purcell's books but there are dozens to choose from) to inspire a love of healthy eating

  • A slow cooker, grinder, blender or food processor for whipping up healthy meals (yes there is a risk it will get lost in a cupboard so choose your recipient carefully)

  • A gym membership or some personal training sessions or yoga or pilates classes - to kick start a healthier body and mind

  • An exercise or yoga dvd for someone who would prefer to exercise at home

  • Exercise equipment - for example runners, a bike, skipping rope, yoga mat, weights

  • The gift of relaxation such as movie or theatre tickets or a massage gift voucher

  • Instead of chocolates or biscuits, how about a fruit/nut basket, a beautiful pot of fresh herbs or a lovely teapot with herbal teas

  • The precious gift of time - offer to baby sit or take over some tasks so that they have the time to do something special for themselves

  • Encouragement - promise to be an exercise buddy or take a class with them if they need that extra motivation

  • naturopathy gift certificate - for someone who needs some expert help to get their health and vitality back and be the healthiest they can be. 

So if you would like to give something this Christmas that hopefully won't end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere but might actually help to improve the wellbeing of someone you care about I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration.


In good health,


Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD

p.s. feel free to share this blog with your family and friends just in case they need some inspiration too or maybe to drop a hint ;)

or, if you have a great idea put it in the comments below.

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