How are your New Year's Resolutions going?

19 Jan 2011 3:26 PM - Maybe some help is in order... we are almost three weeks in to the New Year.  How are your New Year's Resolutions going? 

Give up smoking, lose weight, eat better, get healthy, do more exercise, spend more time with the kids, spend less time at work, do something charitable, etc etc ...these are all great ideas and we make them with the very best of intentions but why is it that we then struggle to follow through?  

There can be a number of reasons but commonly, it is because we haven't worked out the detail of how to make it happen.  Making changes to our lifestyle requires significant energy, commitment and planning if we are to overcome the hurdles and succeed in a sustained way. 

If you are thinking about improving your health this year, I would encourage you to seek professional help to support you in identifying realistic and specific goals and measurable outcomes, working out what you might need to change in your life and how to make that happen by developing strategies and tactics to overcome barriers.  This is something I try to do with all my clients and it makes a big difference to achieving outcomes. 

The satisfaction gained by setting and achieving your goals can be tremendous and can inspire you (and those around you) to set new goals. 

So, if you are one of the many who repeat the same resolutions every year without achieving them, perhaps it is time to do something different this year.  If your goal is related to health and vitality, a naturopath can be a valuable resource to tap into. 

Yours in good health,


Kaye Wright