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How to Boost your Immune System naturally ready for Winter

6 Apr 2013 2:54 PM - Beat those winter bugs...

Over the next few months we will be bombarded with increased levels of bacteria and viruses and your immune system will need to be your best friend.  

The extent to which you suffer will depend on how robust your immune system is. It’s now time to get your body ready, primed for winter – think of it as a bit like servicing your car before a long trip.

Why should I start strengthening my immune system now?

  1. We spend more time indoors
    As the days shorten, we tend to be in closer contact with people in confined spaces and therefore our exposure to bugs is increased.

  2. Reduced sunshine
    I'm sure you know that sunshine is an excellent source of vitamin D.  With less sunshine we get less vitamin D. Among its many roles, vitamin D is vital for healthy immune function.

  3. Decreased exercise
    In winter many of us decrease our exercise levels and become more sedentary. It's well established that moderate exercise boosts immunity.

  4. The winter months can be stressful
    Compared to the summer months which include numerous holidays and generally have a more relaxed "vibe" the colder, winter months are often more about work and less about fun and rest. Excess or prolonged stress really takes its toll on your immune system.

What can I do to increase my immune system?

  1. Have your Vitamin D levels tested and consider taking a supplement if needed. Most of us would benefit from taking at least 1000iu of a good vitamin D supplement (with the co-factors needed for absorption and utilisation of this vitamin) over the winter months but some may need higher doses if their starting levels are low.

  2. Vitamins A, C, E along with Zinc and Selenium are all important for good immunity. Make sure you are eating a good healthy diet with lots of variety of fruit and vegetables or consider an additional supplement over the winter months.

  3. Your immune system is largely made of protein.  Aim to have some with every meal.

  4. Good quality Echinacea has been shown to reduce infection rates when you fly. Consider taking a supplement if you are a frequent traveller.

  5. Keep up your exercise routine to help stimulate your immunity.

  6. Schedule regular “down time” into your winter calendar to manage your stress levels.

  7. If your past history shows that you frequently succumb to respiratory infections, make an appointment now for a personalised assessment on how to get through the next few months. 

We've had great success in helping our naturopathic clients significantly reduce the number and severity of colds and respiratory infections they experience.

What if you do catch a bug?

If you do get sick, rest is vital – ‘soldiering on’ is not smart in the long run.  You need to allow your immune system to do its job. Also, eat nutritious, simple foods (there is a reason why chicken broths taste good when you are sick). Read more about how to convalesce successfully.

If you want to do more, consider making an appointment for a “quick consultation” to get your individualised herbal tonic. (Remember, antibiotics will only help with bacterial infections and most of these seasonal bugs are viral).

Follow these tips and give your body the best chance of fighting off the bugs this winter or call the clinic on 9620 9503 for a personalised treatment plan to get you through the winter.

Love yourself; love your health,


Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD


Comments: 2


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19 Apr 2013,3:15 PM - Megan
Love this article Kaye! Simple tips that are attainable. Will start applying them now to get ready for Winter.

20 May 2013,4:42 PM - Kaye
Thanks Megan, it will definitely help you reduce your risk of illness this winter. Kaye