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How to set your health goals.....

18 Dec 2013 3:30 PM - Find your WHY!

Today, I am here to talk about health goals and how to set them.  It comes down to your real motivation.

At this time of year we often decide to “rule a line” under where we are at with our goals and plans and we begin to think about making a fresh start in the New Year with what we would like to achieve.  And we make a promise to ourselves to be more committed to whatever goals we might set.

These goals might include quitting smoking, losing weight, getting fit, eating more healthily, getting to bed earlier, saving more money etc.  The list goes on but you get my drift.  And let’s face it; we've all set goals for ourselves that we have then failed to deliver on.  It’s not just New Year’s resolutions but I frequently see this in my clinic too.  One of the many things I work on with my clients is motivation…the WHY!

The way I see it when it comes to living your best life, health is not the goal…it is a requirement!  

Good health is the thing you need to achieve your real goals.  So how do you work out your REAL GOALS?  Knowing and desiring the WHY is what will really drive your motivation to make changes.

How to work out what is really motivating you...

Take these examples...

  • I want to lose 10 kg…why? 

  • I want to quit smoking…why?

  • I want to exercise 4 times a week…why?

  • I want to drink less alcohol…why?

Get the idea?  And what I find is you need to keep asking yourself the WHY.  It’s generally not your first response.  Peel away the layers until you get to the answer that gives you goosebumps….there’s your motivation!

So, when you are setting your goals (be they "SMART" or otherwise), keep asking yourself WHY until you get to the real, underlying core of what is driving you.  If you can do that, you’ll find the motivation to do what’s necessary to achieve those goals.

I wish I could remember who said this….”the difference between those who achieve and those who don’t is the next decision….i.e. to just keep going” 

It’s my belief that if you can find your WHY, the decision to keep going is much easier. 

If you are finding it hard to work out your WHY, let me help you.  That's what I'm here for.  Call me for an appointment on 9620 9503.

Yours in motivated good health,

Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD

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