Low Vitamin D and food allergies

25 Jul 2011 5:16 PM - There could be a link...

Here's yet another research study linking low Vitamin D levels with an immune related health problem...this time food allergies or anaphylaxis. 

In a review of  Australian and US population studies there seemed to be a higher incidence of food allergies in the geographic regions where sun exposure is less. 

As I have written before in these pages there is increasing research showing the importance of good levels of Vitamin D in maintaining a healthy immune system (amongst it's many roles). 

We are in the grips of an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in this country because we are (rightly) cautious about sun exposure.  However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we should have our Vitamin D levels checked (by a blood test) and supplement if necessary.  This should be done under the supervision of someone who understands how to get your levels up quickly and safely (1000iu may not be sufficient).  This is important at all ages and particularly if you are a female planning to fall pregnant. 

If you're not sure, make an appointment with your health care professional to find out your situation. 

In good health,


Kaye Wright