OMG it's Dec 2nd

2 Dec 2010 3:06 PM - Will you make it to January?

Why is this such a crazy time of year?  All of a sudden your boss/client wants things wrapped up by Christmas.  There's so much work to do and yet we also have to find time to catch up with those friends we've been promising to catch up with all year.  There are lots of social events and that means rich food and alcohol laid on.  And to top it off there's Christmas shopping to do.  No wonder so many of us only just manage to fall over the line by the end of the month. then we have a holiday and, guess what, we get sick! 

So here are some tips for surviving the next month: 

  • If you have a social event on, try to make healthy eating choices for the other two meals of the day.  Filling up on healthy food will reduce the temptation to over indulge.  Your liver will love the salad and fruit options available at this time of the year. 
  • Make a special effort to have a good breakfast. 
  • Make sure you stay hydrated.  It's getting hotter so make an extra special effort to drink plenty of water.  It will help maintain your energy and keep your metabolism ticking. 
  • Schedule some recovery time and be aware of your limits.  Give your body a chance!  This might require some forward planning. 
  • Don't feel compelled to say YES to every invitation.  Perhaps you can defer some catch ups to the New Year when you'll have more time. 
  • If things are really crazy, you might need a herbal tonic to help you get through. 
  • Above all be kind to yourself!

In good health,


Kaye Wright