Practising what I preach...

28 Aug 2012 3:26 PM - I'm on vacation...

For the first time since I opened LaVida Health in April 2008, I am going away for a holiday of more than just a few days.  I regularly work with many clients who are stressed and/or tired and I am always encouraging them to have a real break from their everyday routine.  So I decided it was time to practise what I preach and walk the talk! 

I will be travelling around the U.S. for about a month.  My first day back in the clinic will be Monday 1 October 2012

Of course, I won't be disconnecting entirely.  I hope to be sharing the health and food inspirations I discover on my holiday on Facebook and Twitter.  So if you would like to follow my adventures, head over to Facebook or Twitter. 

Otherwise, enjoy the start of Spring and I look forward to being back on deck, with renewed energy and vitality on 1 October. 

In good health,


Kaye Wright