Sleep...are you getting enough?

8 Oct 2010 1:15 PM - Quick naps are not always the answer...

There was an interesting article on the importance of sleep and the extent to which we are sleep deprived in this week's BRW magazine ("Clock on and curl up" BRW Oct 7-13 2010).  Apparently many of us suffer from sleep deprivation from time to time.

The article comments on research undertaken on behalf of Virgin Active Health Clubs.  I haven't read the full research article so I can't comment on it's quality but it would seem to confirm what I see in my practice. 

Many of my clients complain of fatigue, lack of energy or difficulty concentrating which can often be put down to lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. 

While a quick nap during the day (if you can manage it) will undoubtedly make a difference it may not really be adressing the underlying reasons for your sleep deprivation.  Causes of poor sleep can include depression, anxiety, stress, problems with blood sugar, pain, nutritional imbalances, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, lifestyle, menopause and the list goes on. 

So if you can find time for a quick nap it will certainly help but in my mind it makes more sense to try to identify and treat the underlying cause of your sleep difficulties.  Chances are you will feel the benefits in more than one aspect of your life/health and the benefits will be long term and sustainable.  It may require a bit of effort and commitment on your part to achieve long term change but aren't you worth it?

If you suffer from sleep problems, working with a naturopath can help get to the underlying cause.   If you would like to know more, email me or call me on 9620 9503.

In good health,

Kaye Wright