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Spring has sprung and so has the asparagus

23 Sep 2013 3:58 PM - Tips for seasonal eating...

Spring is definitely on our door step now.  Do you enjoy eating with the seasons? It can be a challenge sometimes, especially as the major supermarkets work hard to keep their shelves stocked with our favourite fruits and vegetables all year round….sometimes to the detriment of our wallets and our taste buds. But I do believe there are benefits to eating with the seasons.

So here are just some of the fruits and vegetables to be on the lookout for, as we go through Spring: 

  • Papaya and pawpaw – like a trip to the tropics without leaving home, full of vitamin C, carotene and fibre.  Try it for dessert or to enliven a fruit salad.

  • Pineapple – similar to pawpaw in nutritional content, try it blended with mint for a refreshing drink on a warm day.

  • Blood oranges – get their dark colour from the same anti-oxidant found in blueberries, eat them fresh or try adding them to salads and using the juice in your salad dressing.

  • Rocket – sometimes called arugula, has a peppery taste and is a good source of many vitamins and minerals including folate and beta-carotene.  Low in calories but great for your health.  Add some to a salad or sandwich instead of your everyday lettuce.

  • Asparagus – containing fibre, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin and more, this is such a versatile vegetable and very quick and easy to prepare, try them barbequed with a little olive oil and garlic.

  • Green beans – more fibre, vitamins and minerals, they can be eaten hot or cold.  Try them in a salad with almonds or with parmesan and fresh basil.  They also go well with hot spices.

  • Asian greens – think choy sum, bok choy, chinese cabbage, chinese broccoli to name a few, they are an easy addition to stir-fries and asian soups as well as an endless variety of asian salads with a lime juice dressing.

Hopefully, I've inspired you to be more conscious about eating seasonally. Do you have a favourite fruit or vegetable you look forward to at this time of year?  Or a favourite way to prepare these foods? Please share your ideas in our comments below. I'd love to see them.


Yours in good health,


Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD



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