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The hidden reason you might not be achieving your health goals

2 Jan 2015 4:25 PM - Does this apply to you?

It’s January. Another year older and hopefully another year wiser but is this going to be another year of not achieving your health goals?

The start of the year is often when we have some time and head space to think about ourselves. Where we are at in our lives, plans for the year, maybe some new goals. 

I know that in my Melbourne naturopathic clinic many of my clients use this time to reassess their health and make some fresh plans.

Do you have health goals this year?

Maybe this is the year you want to do something about your health…perhaps you want to:

  • lose some weight or 

  • get more sleep or

  • do more exercise or

  • cut down on your alcohol or

  • change the foods you eat or 

  • get on top of that annoying or debilitating health issue you have been putting up with for too long. 

Maybe you are thinking about changing your work situation or taking up a new interest or some study. Although I am focused on your health, the same things that I am about to discuss could apply to all your goals.

Perhaps you've given up setting yourself these goals because they just never seem to happen…that can be pretty demoralising.

Are your goals being sabotaged? Is your health being sabotaged?

I've written on earlier blogs about overcoming procrastination and how to set your health goals so this time I want to talk about sabotage! Is there someone in your life who is consciously or subconsciously sabotaging your efforts? Is it a partner, a family member, a work colleague, a friend, someone in your circle? Is it possible that they don’t want to see you make changes (because those changes might have an indirect impact on them)?

I see this happening a lot in my naturopathic clinic when I am working with my clients. When we start to explore reasons why they might be struggling with their health goals or struggling to make the changes they desire we often discover the hidden saboteurs in their life.

Do you recognise any of these health saboteurs?

  • a mother or partner who believes they are showing their love by providing you with an endless supply of cakes and desserts or insists that you have an extra serve…you end up eating more than you want so as not to hurt them.

  • a friend who says “let’s have another drink” or “we may as well just get a bottle” so instead of having just that one glass of wine you were planning to have, you end up drinking more (and then feeling angry with yourself or resentful of your friend)

  • the guy at the petrol station who offers you that 2 for $3 chocolate bar deal just when you are feeling hungry or a bit stressed

  • or it’s those big displays at the supermarket that lure you with the “cheap” junk food special offers

  • maybe it’s the friend who goes for a walk or run with you, suggests you stop for coffee and then orders a muffin (“to share”) and then makes you feel bad or somehow wrong for not wanting to eat it

  • the partner who resists your suggestions of new healthy food ideas or recipes and only grudgingly eats them

  • the work colleague who makes you a cup of tea and just assumes you want a biscuit with it

  • the boss who organises those lunch meetings then thinks they are doing you a favour by having the caterer provide a "less-than-ideal" lunch offering but it’s there so you eat it.

  • the social club that provides charity chocolates for you to snack on in the office (but it’s for a good cause so you eat them)

The list goes on and I’m guessing that if you stop to think about it you will be able to identify some saboteurs in your life. 

Of course as a naturopath, I am thinking about your health goals but these people can pop up in all areas of your life (quietly stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams). 

More often than not they don’t realise what they are doing or they genuinely believe they are acting out of love or in your best interests but ultimately their actions serve a purpose FOR THEM not you. So think about what’s in it for them?

Now here’s something else to think about…

Maybe you are the saboteur of your own health....

Now that’s a scary thought! Is it possible that you are sabotaging your own efforts? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I using other people as an excuse for my own behaviour or choices?

  • Am I complicit in that decision to order a bottle instead of a glass?

  • Am I taking the path of least resistance (i.e. not making the change) because deep down I’m scared or afraid I might fail or I'm not sure how to implement the changes?

  • Is my current situation serving me at some deep level? For example, I have had clients who have used their weight as an excuse to avoid social settings so even though they might want to lose some weight they are terrified of what life might be like (a case of the devil you know is better than the one you don’t).

Making changes in our lives is really tough. There’s no doubt about it. 

Most of us are creatures of habit and even though we know that particular habit may not be serving us well, it can be a tough habit to break. Using someone else as an “excuse” is the easy way out.

So, is your team (and that includes you) with you or against you?

Do you have a saboteur in your life? 

And if you need help working out your sabateurs (or getting clear about your goals), help is at hand. Make an appointment for a naturopathic consultation by calling 03 9620 9503 and let's make this year your best ever!

In good health

Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD

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