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Top tips to survive Christmas..part 1...Alcohol

7 Dec 2011 5:40 PM - Enjoying a tipple without blowing it...
Go easy on the Christmas cocktails

The festive season is in full swing and many of us have various Christmas parties and functions with friends and families coming up over the next few weeks.  It can be a time of over indulging and instead of gracefully sailing into the New Year we can slide in with a big crash if we are not careful. 

Note: If you love to over indulge and enjoy the crash then this article probably won't interest you BUT if you would like to come out the other side with no damage to your health and waistline then here are some tips for you.

How not to overindulge this Christmas - alcohol...

  1. Get your diary out and have a look at the events coming up.  Mark the "Alcohol Free Days" in your diary so you can see how many there are and when they are...i.e. plan ahead and make a conscious decision about when you'll have a drink. 

  2. Increase your water intake over the next few weeks...especially on your drinking days.  This will prevent dehydration and minimise the after-effects.

  3. Always start with a non-alcoholic drink...if someone is trying to force an alcoholic drink into your hand say you are really thirsty and would just like something non-alcoholic least that delays the first drink.

  4. Try to alternate an alcoholic drink with water or mineral water to slow the rate of drinking and maintain hydration.

  5. If you can, put the glass down between sips.  You are more likely to drink quickly if the glass is in your hand.

  6. Never get a refill before you have finished your current drink...i.e. always say "no" to a "top up".

  7. Remember, an alcoholic drink is not just alcoholic it is also laden with calories so choose lower alcohol options where possible e.g. light beer, dry white wine, wine spritzer, a weak vodka or campari with soda and fresh lime.

  8. Avoid sugary mixers (that includes tonic "water") in favour of soda water to reduce calorie intake.

  9. Eat something nutritious before you start drinking.  Food in your stomach will slow the absorption of the alcohol.

  10. Set yourself a cut-off time e.g. no drinks past 10pm.  It's probably easier to remember this than setting yourself a drink limit (especially if that limit is more than two as you may forget how many you have had).

  11. Remember, health recommendations are one standard drink for women, two for men, none if you are pregnant and technically more than 4 is considered binge drinking. Most bottles of wine contain approximately 8 standard drinks.

  12. Offer to serve food, take photos or otherwise help out.  It will keep your hands busy.

  13. Focus on the social and fun aspects of the event.  You can still enjoy the company without the alcohol.

  14. If you do over indulge, make sure you back up the next day with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (make a smoothie for a big juicy vitamin pill), some extra B vitamins and lots of water. 

Remember, it is possible to enjoy festive catch ups without overdoing it and when January comes around you'll be so glad you did!

Of course, if you get to January a bit worse for wear, call us on 03 9620 9503 and make a naturopathic appointment for a New Year's detox.

Yours in "festive" good health,

Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD

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