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27 Jan 2011 4:41 PM - The Essence of Health by Dr Craig Hassed
the essence of health

Over the holidays I had a chance to catch up on some reading and one of the books I read was The Essence of Health by Dr Craig Hassed, a senior lecturer at Monash University. 

I have been fortunate to hear Craig speak at a number of conferences and have always found him to be a compelling speaker in the areas of wellbeing and mindfulness. 

The Essence of Health looks at what Craig describes as the "Seven Pillars of Wellbeing".  These pillars are the foundations to achieving and maintaining wellness.  They include:

  • education (i.e. being informed about your health issue)
  • the role of stress and how to manage it
  • spirituality as it relates to you
  • exercise
  • nutrition
  • having a sense of connection
  • understanding the impact of your environment on your health

The book explains each of these areas and includes some activities to help you apply the pillars to your own circumstances.  It also includes chapters specific to certain health conditions including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental health and more. 

In many ways this book reflects the philosophy by which I practice as a naturopath.  That is, you have to consider all aspects of your life if you are to give yourself the best chance of achieving and maintaining good health and vitality in a sustainable and long term way. 

Whilst the book is reasonably easy to follow, there is quite a lot of information to assimilate and apply so if you are grappling with a challenging health issue I can recommend this book but I would also recommend you work with a naturopath or someone who practices an integrative approach to health to assist you in achieving your goals.

In good health,


Kaye Wright
Melbourne CBD