Weight management is complicated...

12 Jan 2011 3:21 PM - It's not as simple as "knowing fat is bad for you"

There has been much publicity recently about a proposal by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) calling for graphic advertisements designed to shock people into reducing their consumption of foods considered to be "unhealthy" (The Age)

Unfortunately, I think these types of adverts would miss the point.  Most people who are above their most healthy weight already know that certain foods might be contributing to their problem, but knowledge is not the whole answer.  If it were that simple, there wouldn't be so many people struggling to maintain their healthy weight.  The problem is a bit like smoking...there is probably not a smoker on the planet who doesn't know about the detrimental effects of smoking...and yet they still smoke!  Clearly it's more complicated than saying..."now i know it's not good for me I'll just stop"! 

There is far more to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight than just knowing about different foods.  Sure, that is important but what about the emotional and other health issues which might be contributing factors. 

As Dr Rick Kausman says it's not a simple problem and there isn't a simple solution.  As a qualified naturopath and having completed further training under Dr Kausman in his approach to healthy weight management, I agree with his comments.  There are many pieces of the puzzle and they all need to be addressed if you are to achieve and maintain your most healthy weight. 

If you are struggling with this issue, the support of an appropriately qualified  health professional who will take the time to help you address your individual needs can be most beneficial. It's really tough to do it all by yourself.


In good health,


Kaye Wright