Weightloss drug withdrawn

13 Oct 2010 1:23 PM - Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes....

The weight loss drug Sibutramine, sold in Australia, under the name Reductil has been withdrawn from the market following an analysis of the results of a study showing an unacceptable increase in the risk of serious cardiovascular problems.  It has also just been withdrawn from the US market.  

The Europeans suspended sales of the drug in November 2009 (some 11 months earlier than the US and Australia).  We seem to be a bit slower off the mark. 

My recommendation for achieving and sustaining your healthy and comfortable weight is to work with the healthcare practitioner of your choice (it makes a big difference if you have support).  It needs to be someone you can relate to and who understands your lifestyle....someone who can help you to change your patterns and maintain them within the confines of your daily life. 

Ultimately successfully managing your weight involves looking at your behaviours and relationship with food, balancing eating and activity levels, addressing any underlying health issues which may be exacerbating your situation (eg stress, depression, hormone imbalances, metabolism, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, inflammation, digestion etc).  That's where working with someone qualified in nutrition and herbal medicine can be a great advantage in helping you achieve your goals. 

I have not yet found the "quick fix" which can achieve long term sustainable results.  It takes time and effort but the health consequences are considerable and definitely worth the effort.

In good health,


Kaye Wright