Tasmanian Herbal Teas formulated by a Naturopath

Tas Teas organic herbal teas
Sinu-blend: Great for hayfever

In the clinic, I stock a small range of TasTea organic herbal tea blends.  These teas have been blended by a naturopath to help specific health problems, using formulations that I would have chosen myself.

Knowing the maker and having visited her premises in Tasmania to see these teas being blended, I am confident to use them with my clients. 

The teas can be enjoyed as you like or as part of your naturopathic treatment plan.

Current naturopathic blends of herbal teas in the clinic include:

  • FlexibiliT* - great for aching or painful joints

  • Sinu-blend - for those who suffer from hayfever or allergies and upper respiratory complaints

  • DigestiviTy - to help with digestion after a meal or if you suffer from digestive issues

  • Reflux relief  - especially for those who have a tendency to heartburn or reflux

  • VitaliTy - when you need a pick-me-up during the day

  • Relaxation - to help unwind at the end of the day or whenever you are feeling a bit overwhelmed

  • Lymph cleanse - to help with fluid reduction and weight loss

  • Echinacea cold and flu* - to help reduce the symptoms and duration of upper respiratory infections 

And for mums and soon-to-be mums:

  • Mums and bubs - will help with milk production as well as colic in bubs.

  • NativiT - for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and after giving birth. This tea will assist in preparation for labour and recovery.

Ask about these teas next time you are in the clinic.

*these teas are not suitable in pregnancy