Olive oil soaps

For those with sensitive skin or those who simply like to use pure soaps with nothing unpleasant added, these olive oil soaps from Natures Path are perfect.

Made with only olive oil and essential oils or fresh herbs, these soaps are long lasting and great value.  They can be used on your skin and also for washing hair (and pets).

I currently stock the following delightful range:

  • Pure Olive oil (and nothing else)

  • Apple and green clay

  • Damask rose, geranium and paprika

  • Grapefruit, lime and calendula

  • Goat's milk and lavender

Why not pick one up to try, next time you are in the clinic.

I also carry a liquid olive oil soap made in the castille style...pure and unadulterated. It's great for bubs and people with sensitive skin/scalp.