Naturopathy Consultations

Naturopathy encompasses a holistic approach to the treatment of physical and emotional health issues.  Given the right tools, we believe the body has the potential to restore itself. 

Naturopathy supports and encourages this innate healing process through the use of appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle combined with herbal or nutritional medicines if required.

One-on-one, individual consultations (available via skype in some circumstances) are an ideal way to get the personalised and tailored treatment you need.

Learn more about how naturopathy can help you and your symptoms.

Learn more about what you can expect from seeing one of our naturopaths.

We currently have two naturopaths at LaVida Health....Clinic owner, Kaye Wright and and working alongside her is Lee Copeland

Lee's particular areas of interest include:

This leaves Kaye free to focus on her particular areas of interest which include 

  • thyroid and adrenal disorders

  • mental health

  • auto-immune conditions

Both Kaye and Lee also work extensively with digestion disorders as they can have implications for health right across the board.

Both practitioners are experienced, highly qualified and registered with the relevant professional associations.

Health Fund rebates may apply if you have the appropriate level of private health cover.