Yoga classes in The Studio at LaVida Health Melbourne

LaVida Health is committed to encouraging and guiding you to good health through our naturopathy services. Yoga could be a wonderful addition to your routine to help you achieve your health goals.

Yoga is a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility, and one of its more prominent benefits is its ability to calm the mind, which in turn, calms the nervous system. 

At LaVida Health we are often talking to our clients about the benefits of relaxation, meditation and exercise, so what better way to incorporate all three than with a regular yoga practice under the expert guidance of our in-house qualified yoga instructor, Lee Copeland.

Our yoga classes offer an intimate and relaxed space for you to practice.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and with a limit of 9 students per class you are provided with individual attention to ensure you are moving safely through the postures.

Yoga class timetable at The Studio, Suite 805, 2 Queen St, Melbourne

Wednesday classes 

Gentle Yoga: 7.30am - 8.30am

Yoga Express: 12noon – 12.45pm

Beginners Yoga: 1pm – 1.45pm

Yoga Express: 3pm – 3.45pm

Thursday classes 

Yoga Express: 12noon – 12.45pm

Yoga Express: 1pm – 1.45pm

Yoga Flow: 5.30pm – 6.45pm

Friday classes

Gentle Yoga: 7.30am - 8.30am

Yoga class descriptions

Gentle Yoga  - a slow paced class with gentle postures. A combination of static and flow (but very slow). Includes 10 minutes of breathing and meditation. Suitable for beginners or those wanting a slower paced class.

Yoga Express - A 45 minute yoga class suitable for all levels. Classes incorporate static postures as well as flowing sequences to stretch and strengthen your body.  A perfect option for some quick exercise and relaxation in a busy day.

Beginners Yoga - A 45 minute class suitable for those new to yoga or concerned about their fitness or flexibility.  Focus is on breathing, moving into postures safely with detailed instructions on each of the postures. A less strenuous option than other classes. Great for learning/revisiting the foundations of yoga.

Yoga Flow - A dynamic class which moves through various sequences with breath to create space, strength and flexibility. Throughout the class the focus is on your breath as you transition between the poses allowing fluidity and creativity in the poses. Yoga Flow is also not just about the postures, time for pranayama (guided breathing practices), relaxation and meditation is included. The class is suitable for all levels.

All of our classes are done at ambient room temperature (i.e. they are not hot).

Mats and props are provided (but feel free to bring your own if you prefer). Just dress comfortably and we'll take care of the rest.

Yoga class pricing

Casual class: $22

5 class pass $100 (valid for 2 months)

10 class pass $190 (valid for 4 months)

20 class pass $360 (valid for 9 months)

There are also one-off introductory offers available for first timers...unlimited classes for two weeks (just $30) or one calendar month (just$60).

Yoga Rewards

Our yoga rewards program lets you earn points to put towards future yoga classes.

Here's how it works:

  • for every dollar you spend, you earn 1 point (for example, pay $100 for a 5 class pass and you will be credited with 100 points)

  • for every new client you refer, you will earn 30 points (even if the client only books in for one casual class)

When you reach 500 points you will be able to redeem $50 off your next purchase and you have 2 years to use your points before they expire.

So, for example, if you come to a class once a week, you will earn your 500 points in less than 6 months (even quicker if you refer one or more new clients or come to more than one class a week).

How to book a class

In order to guarantee your spot, bookings are essential.

To book classes please visit our booking page or call us on 03 9620 9503.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Want to book a yoga class for your group?

If you have a small group (maybe a work group or just a bunch of friends) who would like to do a class together, we can organise a special class just for you. It might be as a team reward or to celebrate a work milestone or it might make a nice change for a birthday or get-together. Just call us on 03 9620 9503 and we can work out a time to suit you. (Nb space limited to 9 people).