Autumn fruits and vegetables…eating with the seasons

I’ve written previously about the benefits of eating with the seasons. So, with the onset of autumn it’s time to start thinking about autumnal food. The weather starts to cool and the time is right to contemplate foods that are more warming or ones that provide us with the key nutrients we need to survive … Read more

The Mediterranean Diet

How to benefit from embracing the Mediterranean diet

There are so many health and wellness diets to choose from, so what sets the Mediterranean diet apart? Firstly, it has been well researched for its health benefits; probably one of the most widely researched diets in recent years.  And secondly, it is a long term diet and lifestyle approach rather than a diet which … Read more

What are your most loved summer fruits and vegetables?

I recently wrote about the benefits of eating with the seasons. Whilst it is convenient to have access to our favourite foods all year round, I do think there is something special about looking forward to the seasons. So, this summer, think about the following fruit and vegetables Williams pears (I especially love them firm … Read more

How eating with the seasons can make you happy

Do you consciously try to eat with the seasons, following local growing patterns and choosing fruit and vegetables when they are at their natural best?  Or, like so many of us, have you lost touch with nature and the natural growing cycle of our food? If you have, it’s not surprising. It takes a bit … Read more