planning for pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy? You need to consider preconception care

Have you stopped to contemplate what it takes to make a baby? Have you been trying to conceive for some time without success? Perhaps you are planning your first or fourth child and concerned about your health and your chances of falling pregnant naturally? Have you ever considered what it actually takes to make a … Read more

What you need to know about fertility enhancing foods

Like all your body systems, your reproductive system requires a variety of nutrients to work efficiently. It also isn’t a system that works independent of others, so your digestive health, your ability to detoxify efficiently, how much stress you’re under and how you react to stress, all influence how well your reproductive system works, and … Read more

Preparing for IVF? What you need to know about supporting your health

With infertility affecting about 1 in 6 Australian couples, it is not uncommon to know people who have used Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), and I work with many clients who engage in the various ART options in order to have a baby. It is truly wonderful that this technology exists, allowing those unable to conceive … Read more

Baby development in the third trimester

Do you know how your baby develops in the third trimester?

You’re on the home stretch and it won’t be long before you get to meet your baby face to face! Perhaps you’re starting to feel uncomfortable in this third trimester as your belly continues to grow (just when you think it can’t get any bigger), and your baby might also be feeling uncomfortable as its … Read more

The third trimester of pregnancy

Are you prepared for the third trimester of pregnancy?

Well done! You are now on the home stretch having reached the third trimester of pregnancy! The third trimester is a very exciting time as you get prepared for labour and of course, meet your baby for the first time. You might be thinking about decorating your baby’s room and deciding on what baby items … Read more

Pregnancy ultrasound

Do you know how your baby develops in the second trimester?

You are now in the second trimester of pregnancy and you may be experiencing new or different pregnancy symptoms.  Your baby is also changing and developing daily during the second trimester, and it is during this period where you have the chance to see your baby on another scan. This usually occurs around the 20-week … Read more


When should you introduce solids to your baby?

If you’re a new parent and thinking about introducing solids into your infant’s diet, you might be confused by the conflicting information available about when to introduce solids and what types of foods to introduce. It does seem that every year guidelines for infant feeding change. When I had my son, the guideline was 6 … Read more