What you need to know about fertility enhancing foods

Like all your body systems, your reproductive system requires a variety of nutrients to work efficiently. It also isn’t a system that works independent of others, so your digestive health, your ability to detoxify efficiently, how much stress you’re under and how you react to stress, all influence how well your reproductive system works, and … Read more

Preparing for IVF? What you need to know about supporting your health

With infertility affecting about 1 in 6 Australian couples, it is not uncommon to know people who have used Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), and I work with many clients who engage in the various ART options in order to have a baby. It is truly wonderful that this technology exists, allowing those unable to conceive … Read more


Men – what you need to know about your reproductive hormones for your fertility

So fellas, more and more research is suggesting that male health plays an important part in healthy conception and pregnancy, as well as the health of the offspring. No longer is preconception care, fertility and healthy pregnancies focused solely on the women. So do you know what hormones your body needs to function well for … Read more


Is stress affecting your chance to have a baby? Part 2 – Male fertility

Preconception care, fertility diets and fertility concerns were once considered women’s issues. Well, men you are now part of the fertility picture! This of course makes sense given “it takes two to tango”! The role of the man in conception is much more than just performing on the big day. It is also about the … Read more