Autumn fruits and vegetables…eating with the seasons

With the onset of autumn, it’s time to start thinking about autumnal food. The weather starts to cool and the time is right to contemplate foods that are more warming as well as ones that provide you with the key nutrients you need to survive the onset of cold and flu season. It’s funny how … Read more

These spring fruit and veg will bring you out of hibernation

Spring is definitely on our door step now.  I can see the green returning to the trees along the Yarra. Do you enjoy eating with the seasons? It can be a challenge sometimes, especially as the major supermarkets work hard to keep their shelves stocked with our favourite fruits and vegetables all year round….sometimes to … Read more

Your guide to wonderful winter fruits and vegetables

I’ve written previously about the benefits of eating seasonally so I won’t go into them again. Suffice to say that, the more you adopt food choices that reflect the season, the better for your wallet, the environment, your taste buds and your health. (If you want to know more, read How eating with the seasons … Read more

7 easy, quick and healthy snack ideas to avoid biscuits

Do you find yourself dipping into the biscuit barrel, reaching for the “charity chocolates” or mindlessly eating lollies while you work? If you do, you aren’t alone. I know what it’s like…you have an attack of the munchies and your next meal is a few hours away. Your energy is going down along with your … Read more

Quick and easy nutritious breakfasts for your good health

Are you in a breakfast rut? Same thing every day….coffee and a cigarette, toast and vegemite, cornflakes or even nothing at all? Are you wondering if this might not be doing your health any favours? One of the key areas I work on with my naturopathic clients is their diet. I believe a healthy diet … Read more

The Mediterranean Diet

How to benefit from embracing the Mediterranean diet

Is your typical weekly diet helping or hindering your health? There are so many health and wellness diets to choose from, so what sets the Mediterranean diet apart? Firstly, it has been well researched for its health benefits; probably one of the most widely researched diets in recent years.  And secondly, it is a long … Read more

What are your most loved summer fruits and vegetables?

I recently wrote about the benefits of eating with the seasons. Whilst it is convenient to have access to our favourite foods all year round, I do think there is something special about looking forward to the seasons. So, this summer, think about the following fruit and vegetables Williams pears (I especially love them firm … Read more

5 nutrients you need to know for good preconception care

Planning for pregnancy or preconception care, is vital to boosting your chances of conceiving and for the healthy development of your baby. Preconception care needs to start at least 3 months prior to conception to allow for the development of sperm and eggs, to ensure your hormones are operating the way they should be and … Read more