Why you might need fish oil and how to choose a good one

Most people know that eating fish is good for them but, for a variety of reasons, many people eat little or no fish. They may be vegetarian, it might be considered an extravagance, they just may not like seafood or perhaps they are concerned about quality. Fish, especially oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, anchovies … Read more

How to do your grocery shopping like a naturopath

Tips for saving shopping time and improving your nutrition It’s very easy to make food shopping a last minute exercise. You race in, not sure what you need, grab a few items and rush out. What do you think the result of that is? I’m guessing that over time it results in an increased consumption … Read more

Your guide to wonderful winter fruits and vegetables

I’ve written previously about the benefits of eating seasonally so I won’t go into to them again. Suffice to say that, the more you adopt food choices that reflect the season, the better for your wallet, the environment, your taste buds and your health. (Want to know more? Read How eating with the seasons can … Read more

How eating with the seasons can make you happy

Do you consciously try to eat with the seasons, following local growing patterns and choosing fruit and vegetables when they are at their natural best?  Or, like so many of us, have you lost touch with nature and the natural growing cycle of our food? If you have, it’s not surprising. It takes a bit … Read more

Great gift ideas to inspire better health

No more perfume or novelty socks please! Gift shopping! Coming up with the perfect gift idea for a birthday, Christmas or Mothers’/Fathers’ day! It can be a source of stress for many people but satisfying when you figure it out. When my mother passed away I had the task of cleaning out and packing up … Read more

Is your good health worth the risk of DIY?

As a naturopath, I am frequently asked questions about this supplement or that diet for the benefit of a particular health condition. Or I will have a new naturopathic client who comes in with a bag full of potions and tablets they have bought from a website, perhaps tried, but still they are unwell. In … Read more