Watching your weight in winter

The principles don’t change…

Over on our Facebook page someone asked for tips for winter weight management so I thought I would share them here.

Maintaining your healthy weight can be a bit of a challenge over winter. The weather is cold so the desire to get outside and exercise might be somewhat diminished and we seem to crave warming soups and casserole type dishes which might be a bit heavier and higher in kilojoules compared to a summer salad. Physiologically, our bodies might have a tendency to “hibernate” and store fat to keep us warm over the colder months.

Generally though the principles of weight management are the same, regardless of the weather.

You need to maintain your exercise and activity.

  • Put your exercise sessions in your diary.
  • Get a friend involved and you are less likely to put it off.
  • Maybe joining a training group or finding an indoor exercise like yoga will help.
  • Or perhaps you need warmer exercise gear to make it a bit easier to get outdoors for a walk.

Keep up your healthy eating plan

  • Sticking to a healthy eating plan, as you do in summer, is vital.
  • Swap summer fruits and salad vegetables for winter fruits and vegetables.
  • Soups, curries, casseroles do not need to have extra or “hidden” calories or be laden with cream.
  • Don’t overdo that warming pasta. Focus on the sauce instead.
  • Warmed (frozen) berries or stewed fruit with yoghurt make a delicious and healthy desert or treat and will be much lighter than apple pie and cream or chocolate puddings.
  • Porridge or warm milk on your muesli can help to warm you up and give you energy.

Winter can increase our propensity to depression which can affect our food choices. So if this sounds like you, some added herbal or nutritional support over the winter months may boost your mood and help you avoid the winter blues. And try to get out in the sunshine whenever you can.

If you are struggling with your weight, regardless of the season, get help. Hormone imbalance, a not so healthy eating plan, excess stress levels and toxic load can all hinder the best attempts to lose weight. In fact, I’ve written before about the 8 reasons why you are not at your healthy weight.  Working with a naturopath to address these problems can make a world of difference. And remember, it’s only a few months of cold weather and then the days will get longer and the sun will be out again.

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