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Online Yoga Classes at LaVida Health

During this time of COVID isolation we have moved our yoga classes online. We are starting with just a few classes and even though we could have hundreds in our classes we have decided to keep our classes on the smaller side so your teacher can still keep an eye on you and provide support and attention when required. We want you to be confident as you move through the postures and not feel left behind. That is also why we are only offering Slow and Rest classes at the moment…nothing too fast that might be tricky to keep up with “virtually”. But be assured, you will still get a stretch, feel like you have worked your muscles and there is always time for some relaxation.

Whether you are an existing naturopathy client or not, an online yoga class could be a wonderful addition to your routine to help you achieve your health goals and stay sane during these crazy times.

(We often talk to our clients about the benefits of relaxation, meditation and exercise, so what better way to incorporate all three than with a regular yoga practice under the expert guidance of our qualified yoga instructors).

Yoga is a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility as well as calm the mind and calm the nervous system. It’s so important to keep this up when we are spending more time at home.

Our classes are open to everyone (you don’t have to be an existing client of LaVida Health).

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Monday Yoga Classes
5:30 pm - 6:30 pmLaVida Slow
Tuesday Yoga Classes
6:00 pm - 7:00 pmLaVida Slow
Wednesday Yoga Classes
12:00 pm – 12:45 pmLaVida Slow
7.15 pm - 8.00 pmLaVida Slow
Thursday Yoga Classes
No classes yet...stay tuned
Friday Yoga Classes
5:00 pm – 6:00 pmLaVida Rest
Sunday Yoga Classes
5:00 pm – 6:00 pmLaVida Slow

Yoga Classes at The Studio

LaVida Flow

LaVida Flow is a dynamic class, more fast-paced than our LaVida Slow class. You will use your breath to move and flow into your poses. It is great for creating space in your joints, building strength and improving flexibility.

Your yoga moves will generate some internal heat, however, rest assured this is not hot yoga.

LaVida Flow is not just about the postures though. Time for pranayama (guided breathing practices), relaxation and meditation is included.

LaVida Slow

Bend, stretch and relax

Our LaVida Slow class is a great way to de-stress and move your body without getting all hot and sweaty.

This class offers a combination of long-hold poses and short flow sequences providing gentle stretching, strength building poses and relaxation exercises.

This class is perfect for getting your mind focussed on your body and calming your nervous system.

Pregnancy yoga

Join us for a weekly pregnancy yoga practice designed to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs as you move through pregnancy.

Discover your strength and learn to trust your body and your instincts during pregnancy in preparation for birth and motherhood.

Take time for yourself to connect with your growing baby and connect with other mums in a relaxed and small group setting.

Suitable for all yoga levels and throughout pregnancy.

(Note: You are welcome to attend this class without being pregnant. Just be aware that the focus of the class is around pregnancy and therefore the class is designed to support the pregnant body).

LaVida Rest

LaVida Rest is the perfect compliment to our more challenging and dynamic classes such as the LaVida Flow.

Similar to a yin class, this style of yoga targets the connective tissues that are not normally stimulated during the more active styles of yoga and is a passive practice, meaning you are rarely standing.

LaVida Rest uses lots of props and holds poses for up to 5 minutes. Sometimes even more. This results in the body getting a deep stretch which is challenging in its own way. It’s a great way to relieve tight muscles, reduce stress and improve your flexibility.

All of our classes are streamed live.
You just need a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. You will receive a link to the class approx 30 minutes before start time.
You don't need fancy yoga equipment, just dress comfortably.

Pricing options for Yoga Classes

Whilst our classes are all “virtual” we have revised our prices as follows:

Drop in for a casual classes: $12 per class

Buy in bulk and save:

  • 5 class pass $50 (valid for 2 months)

First-timer introductory offer for those new to our online classes:

  • 2 classes in 7 days ($18)

Our class sizes are small to facilitate individual attention and a friendly and relaxed vibe….perfect for escaping. We are also keeping our Yoga Rewards program active at this time.

Book a Yoga Class Online

Our Yoga Rewards program

Our yoga rewards program lets you earn points to put towards future yoga classes. Here’s how it works:

  • for every dollar you spend on one of our pricing options, you earn 1 point (for example, pay $50 for a 5 online class pass and you will be credited with 50 points)
  • for every new client you refer, you will earn 10 points (even if the client only books in for one casual class)

When you reach 500 points you will be able to redeem $50 off your next purchase and you have 2 years to use your points before they expire.

So, the more classes you come to, the more points you earn (even more if you refer one or more new clients).

As an added bonus our yogis are invited to join our private Facebook yoga group for added videos, tips and fun.


How to book a class

To book classes please visit our booking page. You will be prompted to set up a profile with MindBody.

Please book at least 30 minutes before start time (so we can send you the link).

Any questions, please call us on 0404 454 808 or email

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Want to book a private yoga class for you or your group?

If you have a small group (maybe a work group or just a bunch of friends) who would like to do a class together, we can organise a special class just for you. It might be as a team reward or to celebrate a work milestone or it might make a nice change for a birthday, mothers’ day  or get-together.

We also have teachers available to teach one-on-one yoga classes at a time suited to you if that is your preference.

Just call us on 0404 454 808 and we can work out a time to suit you.

Get started this week to better health with Yoga Classes at The Studio at LaVida Health