Healthy gift ideas

It can be difficult to find useful and beautiful gifts (for yourself, a colleague or a loved one) that are also good for your health.

We offer a small range of herbal teas, pure olive oil soaps, natural face creams and soy candles. (Basically it's just a few things that we love). 

We also offer naturopathy gift vouchers for yourself or a loved one.

So. while you are visiting the clinic please feel free to taste the tea of the day, try the skincare testers and breathe in the fragrant waft of our candles or ask us to help you with your selection.

And if you are looking for more healthy gift inspiration, try these ideas.

naturopathy gift vouchers


Now you can give a gift that will have profound and long-lasting benefits. Is there a better gift than the gift of health and vitality?

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Olive and Ash Skincare

Olive & Ash skincare is uncomplicated, natural and nourishing for your skin. Using Tasmanian olive oil, herbs and essential oils, these products are all you need for healthy skin and hair. Olive & Ash products ar...

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herbal teas

In the clinic, I stock a small range of TasTea organic herbal tea blends. These teas have been blended by a naturopath to help specific health problems, using formulations that I would have chosen myself.

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Antipodes Skincare

We stock a small selection of the beautiful Antipodes skincare products from New Zealand.

These include day creams, night creams and serums.  

Try the testers next time you are in the clinic or take home a "mini" kit to trial or use when you are travelling.

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livinia soy candles

There's nothing like the scent and glow of a beautiful candle to enliven the senses.

In the clinic we stock (and burn) Livinia soy candles. These hand-poured candles are made with soy wax, essential ...

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