Change the trajectory of your health

One-on-one naturopathic consultations

Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping a client achieve their health goals … to remove the health blocks that have been holding you back or preventing you from living the life you want. And one-on-one consultations are the best way to really get the help you deserve. No waiting, no rushing and plenty of time to look at all the things worrying you.

Maybe it is more energy through better sleep or diet, perhaps it is less time feeling lousy, or it might be learning how to live with a chronic condition in a way that enables you to still do the things you love and to enjoy life. This is what drives me on a daily basis.

What health issues can I help with?

Some of the problems I frequently see in my clinic include:

  • insomnia or fatigue
  • anxiety or depression
  • stress
  • adrenal and thyroid conditions
  • autoimmune conditions
  • weight issues
  • low energy
  • skin problems
  • digestive problems
  • menopausal issues
  • menstrual disorders
  • poor immunity and many more.

The path towards better health begins with the first step: learning how to support your body naturally through healthy lifestyle changes.

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Other Complementary Services

Pathology testing

I’m a great believer in “test, don’t guess” if possible.
I make use of your existing pathology tests and sometimes recommend functional testing to really help hone in on your health issues.
It’s all about understanding what’s going on with your biochemistry.

Detox Program

The 21 day detox is developed by Kaye and is designed to be easy to follow. It incorporates a healthy eating plan, advice and tips for dealing with daily toxins, detox support for kidneys, skin and lymphatic system, personal contact with your naturopath, selected supplements, and bonus extras. Tune up your body.

seminars and workshops

Seminars and Workshops

My workshops and seminars can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and run in-house at your place of work. Generally, they run for 1-2 hours and can be developed to cover any specific health-related topics you would like to see addressed in your business.