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How Naturopathy can help you

Naturopathy can help you reduce niggling or debilitating symptoms, decrease pain, improve energy and mood or help you cope with stress. In fact, there are many health conditions that lend themselves to naturopathic treatment.

The structure of my naturopathic treatment approach is:

  • Firstly, relieve your symptoms
  • Secondly, provide treatment to compensate for your lifestyle and/or any current environmental influences which might be contributing to your health issues
  • Thirdly, investigation and treatment of underlying root causes (i.e. getting to the bottom of the problem)
  • Finally, education and advice to promote optimal long-term health and minimise the likelihood of symptoms returning.

One-on-one, individual consultations* are the best way to get the personalised and tailored treatment you need.

*available via zoom or in the clinic

Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping a client achieve their health goals … to remove the health blocks that have been holding you back or preventing you from living the life you want. And one-on-one consultations are the best way to really get the help you deserve. No waiting, no rushing and plenty of time to look at all the things worrying you.

Maybe it is more energy through better sleep or diet, perhaps it is less time feeling lousy, or it might be learning how to live with a chronic condition in a way that enables you to still do the things you love and to enjoy life. This is what drives me on a daily basis.

My passion is getting to the underlying cause/s of your symptoms. Areas of interest include:

Book your free “clarity call” phone chat so you can ask me your burning questions.

Sometimes this is a straight-forward process (for example, when treating a cold) and sometimes it’s like completing a complex jig-saw puzzle, one that is unique to you.

As your naturopath I believe the keys to a successful outcome for you include:

Time to Understand

Taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of your health (both current and past), along with your diet, lifestyle, and the unique factors which have brought you to your current state of health (why this problem and why now?)

Making use of medical and functional testing to gain a greater depth of knowledge of your current biochemistry.

Getting to know you and using this understanding to tailor a treatment plan which you can actually follow.

Providing dietary advice – short-term and long-term improvements in your health can often be achieved through simple dietary changes. I will analyse your diet to identify any factors which might be contributing to your health issues.

Lifestyle Management

Suggesting lifestyle changes to support your good health. This might include changes to sleep or eating routines, relaxation techniques, stress management techniques, working on exercise and work/life balance. This can be one of the most challenging areas for a client to work on but it is a collaborative effort and I believe in taking it slowly and setting realistic, achievable goals.

Prescribing herbal medicines when indicated – I use liquid, powder or tablet extracts of different parts of plants for their therapeutic effect. (The practice of herbal medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine and is widely used around the world).

Prescribing nutritional medicine when indicated – good nutrition underpins good health. Sometimes, supplementation is necessary to overcome short or long-term gaps in the diet.

Depending on what your health goals are and the extent of “dis-ease” you currently have, it may be necessary to work with you over a number of consultations. If you have been living with your health issues for a long time, it may take some time to get you to where you want to be. Often I work in conjunction with doctors and specialists, and where possible make use of your existing pathology tests.

So, in a nutshell, I believe naturopathy can help you feel like your old self and show you how to create good habits to enable you to live your best life.

What to expect when you see Kaye

Maybe you have seen a naturopath before or maybe this is all new to you. Either way, naturopathy is a very broad term that can encompass many different ways of treating you and different naturopaths will have different qualifications and approaches.

Here is some information to help you understand the naturopathic approach at LaVida Health.

I aim to use dietary and lifestyle advice as my main tools for achieving sustained improvement in your health. I will often support this with herbal and nutritional medicine to assist and speed up the healing process and relieve your symptoms while your body is restoring.

The goal is to get to and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms, not just provide symptomatic relief … unless that is all you want.

The consultation process

The process of understanding your health issues is often complex. Taking a very detailed history of your health is important. It may be beneficial to have some general pathology tests done (if you haven’t already done this). I may also ask you to complete questionnaires or keep a symptom diary. Every person is different, and it will depend on your unique situation. I will discuss this with you prior to and during your first appointment.

Depending on how complex your health concerns are, multiple appointments over the course of a few months may be necessary.

Herbal and nutritional medicines are not subsidised by the government and they are not exempt from GST. The more we can do via diet and lifestyle changes the better it will be. If cost is of concern, you just need to let me know and I will prioritise treatments. I am always mindful of this and on the lookout for ways to streamline treatments to keep costs to a minimum. Remember, you are making an investment in your long term health.

The best results are achieved when we work together and when you actively participate in improving your health. I regularly maintain and encourage email or phone contact in-between appointments.

Initial Consultation

Duration 60-90 minutes. An opportunity to tell your health story covering all factors which have led to your current health status.

Indepth Review

Duration 60-90 minutes. An opportunity to tell your health story covering all factors which have led to your current health status.

Second Consultation

Duration 1 hour. I will outline my initial thoughts on your health, joining the dots for you and establish with you the best approach to deliver the results you seek.

Follow Through or momentum Consultations

Duration 30-60 minutes. Shorter momentum appointments to keep you on track or longer appointments to discuss how you are feeling and how your health is progressing. Time to tweak processes and re-assess to keep you on an upwards health trajectory.

The goal is to get to and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms, not just provide symptomatic relief … unless that is all you want.

Once my clients have achieved their short and long-term health goals, I encourage them to make an appointment 3 or 4 times a year for a “tune-up”. This is a chance to check in with how you are feeling and how your body is functioning, pick up anything that might be a sign of deteriorating health, or fine-tune any long-term supplementation you are taking.

If you are ready to start or you are still unsure about whether I can help or if I am the right person for you, that's what my free clarity calls are for.

I am always happy to answer a question.

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