What are your most loved summer fruits and vegetables?

I recently wrote about the benefits of eating with the seasons. Whilst it is convenient to have access to our favourite foods all year round, I do think there is something special about looking forward to the seasons. So, this summer, think about the following fruit and vegetables Williams pears (I especially love them firm … Read more

How eating with the seasons can make you happy

Do you eat with the seasons, following local growing patterns? Or, like so many of us, have you lost touch with nature and the natural growing cycle of our food? I have noticed in my lifetime, a distinct change in the availability of fruit and vegetables throughout the year. Now you can find almost any … Read more

Yoga strap

What to expect when you join a yoga class at LaVida Health

No balance? No strength? No flexibility? No worries! Joining a yoga class can be a daunting experience for many, particularly if you’re concerned about your level of fitness or your ability to bend and stretch. However, it is such a great way to improve your physical and emotional health it is definitely worth a try. … Read more

Great gift ideas to inspire better health

No more perfume or novelty socks please! Gift shopping! Coming up with the perfect gift idea for a birthday, Christmas or Mothers’/Fathers’ day! It can be a source of stress for many people but satisfying when you figure it out. When my mother passed away I had the task of cleaning out and packing up … Read more

How to enjoy the “silly season” AND preserve your health

The festive season is starting to rev up. For many of us, this time of year seems like one endless dinner, lunch or party. If we aren’t careful, it can be a time of overindulging, late nights and added stress. The result is that instead of gracefully sailing into the New Year we can slide … Read more

Fibre! How to ensure you get enough in your daily diet

It is easy to forget the importance of dietary fibre when you are inundated with information about important vitamins and minerals, or the latest ‘superfood’ on the market. And whilst quinoa porridge with nuts and fruit is not a very exciting subject (unless you’re a naturopath), dietary fibre is certainly vital to your ongoing good … Read more

How acid-base balance affects your health

What you need to know about acid-base balance for good health

Acid-base balance (sometimes called acid-alkaline balance) can be a complex and confusing topic. Today, I want to explain the topic in simple terms and give you the essential info you need to consider when you are looking to improve your health. So stick with me and I’ll take you through it from a naturopath’s perspective. … Read more