Fibre! How to ensure you get enough in your daily diet

It is easy to forget the importance of dietary fibre when you are inundated with information about important vitamins and minerals, or the latest ‘superfood’ on the market. And whilst quinoa porridge with nuts and fruit is not a very exciting subject (unless you’re a naturopath), dietary fibre is certainly vital to your ongoing good … Read more

How acid-base balance affects your health

What you need to know about acid-base balance for good health

Acid-base balance (sometimes called acid-alkaline balance) can be a complex and confusing topic. Today, I want to explain the topic in simple terms and give you the essential info you need to consider when you are looking to improve your health. So stick with me and I’ll take you through it from a naturopath’s perspective. … Read more


5 easy, effective tips to improve your digestion

Problems with digestion are some of the most common reasons why clients come to see the naturopaths here in my clinic. More obvious symptoms can include heartburn, bloating or sensations of fullness, indigestion, excessive flatulence or burping, constipation or diarrhoea. Less obvious signs that your digestion is not as good as it could be might … Read more

Yoga-relaxation-stress management

Why yoga is good for reducing your stress levels

The majority of our clients, whether they are coming for naturopathy or yoga, experience high levels of stress on a daily basis. Of course, a moderate amount of stress occasionally is good for us. However too much stress, and particularly ongoing stress, has many health implications. (To learn more about the impacts of stress on … Read more


When should you introduce solids to your baby?

If you’re a new parent and thinking about introducing solids into your infant’s diet, you might be confused by the conflicting information available about when to introduce solids and what types of foods to introduce. It does seem that every year guidelines for infant feeding change. When I had my son, the guideline was 6 … Read more


How to reduce your risk of cognitive decline

Cognitive decline is a scary thought. No-one likes the concept of “losing your marbles”…not being able to remember names and faces or how to do simple tasks, perhaps having to give up work or stop driving your car. The resultant loss of independence is not something most of us want to contemplate. But the statistics … Read more