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the easy 21 day detox to reboot your health

Detox Program

My program is designed to be easy to follow and incorporates:

A 21 day detox is a great way to give your body a “tune up” and encourage some new healthy habits.

This is not a fasting or juice cleanse detox. You will not go hungry. It is based on scientifically-supported “good for you” food and lifestyle practices. There are no weird foods or extreme measures.

Why 21 days?

The 21-day timeframe is achievable for most people. … not too short to be ineffective, long enough to see some change and start you on a healthier path, not so long as to be impossible.

It’s an ideal program to do once or twice a year to “spring clean” your health, revitalise your body and address any sneaky “bad” habits.

What makes this detox program special?

This is no “off-the-shelf” program that leaves you to your own devices or doesn’t “fit” your specific needs.

You will be guided through the program with a combination of one-on-one consultations, phone/zoom check-ins and emails. I will select the right supportive nutritional and herbal supplements for you and tailor the eating plan to suit your individual needs. This means you have every chance to get the best results possible.

And it’s not just about what you eat or what supplements you take. It also takes into account a whole bunch of other things that can cause a toxic build up.


What does the 21 day detox program include?

You receive a comprehensive detox manual that includes heaps of helpful information to help you maximise the benefits of your detox.

You also get meal plans for all three weeks, creative meal ideas as well as easy to follow, simple and delicious recipes based around fresh ingredients you can easily find in your supermarket. They include soups, curries, salads and dressings, breakfasts, stir-fries and casseroles.

Throughout the three weeks I will be in regular contact with you to answer your questions and keep you on track for maximum results. You should never feel like you are doing this alone. I am there to support you but also to keep you accountable and motivated.

Firstly you will have a face-to-face pre-detox consultation where I will take you through the program manual, answer any questions, select your supplements and carry out a pre-detox health assessment.

Throughout the three weeks we will have two zoom or phone check-ins to track progress, help you plan ahead and answer any questions you might have.

Finally, at the end of the three weeks we will have a face-to-face post-detox assessment to review your results and plan for life after the detox so you aren’t just left wondering “what now?”

Along the way you can also contact me via email if you have any questions. For these consultations, I would normally charge in excess of $380.

I have selected the best practitioner-prescribed supplements to support you. Up to 6 nutritional and herbal supplements are included in your package.

These will be chosen for you during your pre-detox assessment once I have an understanding of your current health status and needs. They will be a combination of powders and tablets (and don’t worry, we have specifically chosen powders that taste good).

The value of the supplements is over $300.

This detox is not just about food and supplements. It is designed to give your whole body (and mind) some much-deserved love and attention. So I have added in some specially chosen extras. These include:

These extras are valued at over $100.

What value do you place on your health? (the bottom line)

As you can see this is a comprehensive, integrated and personalised program but it is priced to make it accessible to as many people as possible. It’s a great way to kick-start your new healthier lifestyle or simply to get a taste of what naturopathic medicine is about (if you haven’t seen a naturopath before).

New clients to LaVida Health

For first-timers to LaVida Health, your investment is $590. You pay a $200 deposit (at which time you will receive the program manual and the added extras which are yours to keep). The balance of $390 is payable at the time of the pre-detox consultation when you will receive all your supplements.

For existing clients (i.e. I have seen you in the past 12 months) the fee for the detox is $530. You confirm your program with the $150 deposit (and you receive your manual and extras to keep) then pay the balance of $380 at the pre-detox consultation.

Special fee for repeat detoxers

If you have been through the program before my special fee is $450 ($150 deposit and balance of $300 at first consultation). This reduced fee takes into account that you already have your manual, water bottle and body brush but you still get everything else (and maybe a few little extras as a reward for putting the effort into taking care of yourself).

If you would like the benefit of going through the program with a buddy, the fee for the program is $490 per person (deposit of $150 each, balance at pre-detox consultation). You will still be treated as individuals but your pre-detox and post-detox consultations and the check-ins will be joint consultations.

If you have a larger group in mind (maybe a work group, club, family or friends) please call the clinic on 03 9620 9503 and I will work out the fee for your group.

What next?

To start on your detox path, call the clinic on 03 9620 9503 or click the button below to email. I can answer your questions and get the ball rolling.

“NOW” is always a good time to improve your health!


Frequently Asked Questions about the detox program

Our bodies are detoxifying every minute of every day and you may have heard some people say that detox programs are unnecessary for this reason. And I would agree with them if you lived a stress-free life, drank water straight from a mountain spring, ate all organic, homegrown produce, breathed only pure mountain air, never had a late night and never indulged in treats. But I am yet to meet the person who lives like that.

Most, if not all of the people I see in my naturopathic clinic suffer stress, miss meals, eat-on-the-run, make less than healthy food choices, enjoy a drink occasionally and are generally exposed to toxins in the air they breathe, the food they eat and the lives they live. As a consequence, our toxic load can overwhelm our ability to detoxify and our systems become burdened and backlogged. This can result in fatigue, headaches, menstrual problems, dull skin and more. It may also make you more susceptible to getting sick.

The 21 day detox program gives you the opportunity to give your detox systems a rest from the onslaught and give them a bit of an overhaul. The result is more energy and vitality, bright skin and possibly even some weight loss.

If your health is generally OK but perhaps you just feel a bit tired, sluggish or bloated or you are looking to kick-start some new healthy habits then this detox is perfect for you.

Not everyone should jump into this program. That’s where your naturopath can advise you. For some people, a three week detox program might be too much. If you have particular health issues or you are taking certain prescription medication please speak to me first. I can tailor the program so that you can handle it or it may be that we need to take an alternate route to achieve a healthier you.

Depending on your current diet and general health, you may experience some initial unpleasant effects such as headaches, changes to bowel pattern, fatigue, nausea etc. If this occurs it is most likely to occur around days 2-4. That’s why I recommend starting on a Thursday if you can. That way you have the first weekend to rest and take it easy if you need to.

This will all be discussed with you at the pre-detox consultation so you know what to expect and how to manage it.

That’s life! You may never find the perfect 3-week block of time unless you are lucky enough to be able to take 3 weeks off work and take yourself away somewhere. So just go with the flow.

Obviously, it’s not ideal to pick a time when you have functions or extra commitments every second night but if you do break your detox once or twice that is not a deal-breaker. Just pick up where you left off. Let me know what you have coming up and I can help you plan for it.

That is the beauty of this personalised detox program. At your pre-detox consultation we will go through the meal plan and modify it to suit your particular needs.

Strenuous exercise is not encouraged during the three weeks but I do encourage gentle exercise like walking, stretching, yoga or tai chi to stimulate your lymphatic system.

Strenuous exercise is discouraged for the duration of the detox as it actually produces extra toxins for your body to process.

Obviously, that will depend on your everyday diet and lifestyle but one of the reasons for doing a 21 day program that includes naturopathic consultations is to give you the best opportunity to develop some new habits which will carry on beyond the 21 days, making the detox benefits long-lasting.

Having said that, many of my clients like to do the detox a couple of times a year as a “tune- up” and a chance to “reset”. They might do it after an indulgent Christmas period or perhaps after a slow and sluggish winter. It’s really up to you and that’s why I offer a reduced fee for repeat detoxers.

No. This is an all-inclusive program that has been specifically designed to deliver you the best possible results. The consultations are integral to ensuring the program is tailored to suit you, taking into account your health, and helping you make the most of the program.

Still not sure?

Still not sure?

Feel free to contact me on 03 9620 9503 with any questions you might have.

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