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Let me help you get your health back on track
Realistic and practical advice and support
Understand your unique biochemistry

Do you want the health and energy to get the most out of life?

Are you…

» Tired of bouncing from one “solution” to another without results?
» Taking medicine, but not really feeling better?
» Told there’s nothing wrong with you, but you still feel lousy?
» Frustrated that your health is only “okay”?
» Keen to be proactive in taking better care of yourself?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are in the right place. Let me help you find your way to feeling better.

Naturopathic consultations are available in-person in my clinic (in a Covid-safe way) or online over zoom.

My aim is to help you overcome your health issues to be healthier and happier.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to addressing physical and emotional health issues. Given the right support, I believe your body has the potential to restore.

Naturopathy supports and encourages this innate healing process through the use of targeted changes to your diet and lifestyle combined with herbal or nutritional medicines if required.

Got questions? Want to find out if I can help?

How can I help you?

1:1 Consultations

I offer one-on-one naturopathic consultations giving you the time needed to really understand your health concerns. I provide interpretation and explanation of standard pathology tests (such as those ordered by your GP) so you understand what’s been tested and why; going beyond “your tests were normal”.

Pathology testing

I’m a great believer in “test, don’t guess” if possible. I make use of your existing pathology tests and sometimes recommend functional testing to really help hone in on your health issues. It’s all about understanding what’s going on with your biochemistry.

Detox program

The 21 day detox is developed by Kaye and is designed to be easy to follow. It incorporates a healthy eating plan, advice and tips for dealing with daily toxins, detox support for kidneys, skin and lymphatic system, personal contact with your naturopath, selected supplements, and bonus extras. Tune up your body.

Seminars & workshops

My workshops and seminars can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and run in-house at your place of work. Generally, they run for 1-2 hours and can be developed to cover any specific health-related topics you would like to see addressed in your business.

seminars and workshops

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