Do you want the health and energy to get the most out of life?

Does this sound like you?

  • Tired of bouncing from one “solution” to another without results
  • Taking medicine, but not really feeling better
  • Told there’s nothing wrong with you, but you still feel lousy
  • Frustrated that your health is only “okay”
  • You value your health and want to be proactive in taking care of yourself

As your naturopath, I can help you find answers to your problems.

I hear your frustration and promise to listen to your whole health story to understand how you got to this point and how to change your future health trajectory.

Naturopathic consultations are available in-person in my clinic (in a Covid-safe way) or online over zoom or telephone. 

My aim is to help you overcome your health issues to be healthier and happier.

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About LaVida Health


About LaVida Health

LaVida Health was founded by me, Kaye Wright in 2008. The clinic is located in the Melbourne CBD. I help people achieve their health goals through individual, personalised consultations and customised programs. I offer both in-person consultations as well as online consultations for those who can’t make it in to the city to see me.

I am a qualified naturopath. I take your health seriously and maintain my expertise through extensive ongoing professional training.

Providing realistic and practical dietary and lifestyle advice, along with functional testing and the use of herbal and nutritional medicines that are founded in tradition and backed by research, I help you get to the bottom of your issues and supports you on your path to good health.

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About Kaye’s Services

In the clinic I help with all kinds of health issues including:

  • gut and digestive problems,
  • fatigue, insomnia and low energy
  • thyroid and adrenal problems
  • mental health especially anxiety and depression and
  • auto-immune conditions

But being healthy is not just about treating sickness when you are unwell. It’s also being proactive in developing good habits in what you eat, your lifestyle choices and understanding how the body and mind work together.

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Sharing health tips

Regardless of whether you are a client or not, there is much you can learn about how you can manage your health better, improve your overall wellbeing and really get the most out of your life.

Besides my one on one appointments, seminars and workshops, I publish regular articles via my blog, which is a constantly growing resource on everything from functional medicine to adrenal fatigue, menopause to sleep issues, physical exercise to mental health, and so much more.

Be sure to make the most of this free resource and visit the health blog.

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