Health Professionals who care about your needs

Practitioners at LaVida Health

At LaVida Health we pride ourselves on our professionalism blended with a caring, personal touch. It will not be unusual to speak directly to your practitioner if you call.

All our practitioners are highly qualified, fully insured and devoted to keeping their skills and knowledge up to date through regular attendance at conferences and seminars.

With differing areas of expertise you can choose the practitioner who best meets your needs. Not sure? Feel free to call us to discuss your particular needs.

A more holistic approach could be what you need to get your health back on track?

Feel free to call us on 03 9620 9503 for a chat about your health issues

Our Naturopaths

Lee Copeland

Specialising in naturopathy for pregnancy, conception and women’s hormonal health, Lee Copeland deals with a wide range of health issues, helping her clients to understand their health and hormones to achieve better outcomes. Lee also is one of our qualified yoga instructors connecting the body and the mind.

Kaye Wright

Highly trained in herbal medicine and nutritional medicine, Kaye Wright is a naturopath who truly understands how the human body and mind works. Her advice and tailored solutions are realistic and achievable, enabling clients to reach their health goals. Kaye offers treatment for all kinds of health conditions.