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What you need to know about MTHFR, methylation and your health

I am seeing an increasing number of people in my naturopathic clinic who have got themselves tested for the MTHFR genetic variants but are then at a loss to know what to do with that information (that goes for doing broader genetic testing too). As a naturopath, this worries me

Planning for pregnancy or preconception care, is vital to boosting your chances of conceiving and for the healthy development of your baby. Preconception care needs to start at least 3 months prior to conception to allow for the development of sperm and eggs, to ensure your hormones are operating the

It’s crucial that you give due consideration to the people you choose to trust with your most precious health. The importance of a good relationship where you feel safe and confident that your naturopath (or any healthcare provider) has nothing but your best interests at heart cannot be underestimated if

naturopathic treatment for anxiety

I’ve written in an earlier blog about anxiety…its signs and symptoms and possible causes. I now want to explain my naturopathic approach to helping someone with anxiety. There is so much that can be done naturopathically beyond pharmaceutical medication and psychology. Most often, my clients will have already seen a

Anxiety is one of the most common health issues I see in my naturopathic clinic. It’s a horrible problem to suffer from. In its extreme, anxiety can be debilitating and really impact on your ability to function and your enjoyment of life. As a naturopath, my goal is to identify

I recently wrote a blog asking the question… Are you depressed? I outlined some of the symptoms of depression and some of the factors that can contribute to your depression. If you’ve been diagnosed with depression you may be interested to know that there are many things you can do

Have you been diagnosed with depression or do you know someone who has been diagnosed with depression or takes anti-depressants? Do you know someone who you suspect could be depressed? Just a few of the signs that depression could be a part of your health picture include: a notable loss


Over the years I have been asked many questions by clients and prospective clients. Here are a few I hope you consider before you trust someone with your health. What are your naturopathic qualifications? Absolutely anyone can call themselves a naturopath in Australia. As a profession, we are still waiting

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